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Video Conference

Experience world-class production and comprehensive digital features while hosting your conferences, corporate and networking activities in HD.


Video Conference in HD

Video and audio conferencing are presented in HD with WebRTC capabilities. runmeet automatically will change to LD (Low Definition) according to the participant internet connection.


High quality Voice Over IP (VoIP)

Live audio streams that are not only crystal clear but does away with any further need for network configuration or change to firewall settings.


Schedule Recurring Classes / Group Meeting Scheduler

Our schedule features allow user to schedule recurring class/meeting up to 1 – 2 years ahead. Useful for scheduling classes in a semester.


Breakout Room

Host can create smaller online session by breaking up all participants into smaller group. This feature is used for group discussion and the host can enter each different session and end all the smaller sessions simultaneously.


Screen Sharing

Effortless web screen sharing between user and participants by enabling multiple screens to be switched with ease via tabled interface and all the while in HD format base on HTML5.


Private & Group Chat

Group chat allows all the participants to chat with one another great for discussion. In private chat we only allow between host and participant as to ensure participants are fully committed with the online session.


Collaborate effectively with features that will ease your life!


Interactive Whiteboard

Improve meeting efficiency and visually collaborate in real-time. Act just like a real whiteboard, allowing all participants to write and draw using various colors and shapes.


"Raise Hand" Feature

The online approach to traditional classroom raising of hands to signify the need for assistance or participation during the live sessions.


Real-time Polling & Surveys

Simple poll such as multiple answer question or fill in the blank created by host during session to acquire fast response from participants.


Real-time Note Sharing

Take note and list down important things along the online session


Real-time Quiz

An online testing platform that offers participants instant test and result features that offer a faster turnover from sessions participations.

Share Document

We’re doing your audience a favour, we help everyone stay on the same page by enabling documents sharing instantly during your call.


Upload & Present Slides

Easily upload PDF,PPT or Word and change from 1 presentation to another enabling you to present multiple presentations simultaneously.


Easy Video Sharing

Paste any YouTube URL and share videos during your conference sessions.


Document Sharing

With LMS prior to the online session, any documents can be uploaded to the site. You are also able to share document during online session by uploading the document to presentation slide, allowing presentation to be downloaded.


Easily review post-call summaries for productive follow up.


Meeting Overview Report

The report will cover attendance and log report for both host and participant.


Reporting & Tracking

Tracking & reporting dashboard gives you detailed performance reports with interactive graphs.

Digital Library

Record. Save. Share. Never lose data again.


Session Recording & Playback

Full HTML5 support for recording and playback of session without the need for other 3rd party software or modification.


Cloud Recording Storage

All the recording can be access by log in into own account


Digital Library / Ecommerce

Doc, PPT and PDF can be uploaded as reference files for content sharing with ease. All courses are shown in the homepage of runmeet. Are able to market and buy just like any other ecommerce platform.


Create / Manage content

All courses created will be shown at user’s dashboard. Manage your content by editing, adding and deleting course contents, participants, quiz, assignment and many more.

Learning Management System

Bring impact, improve class efficiency and collaborate.


Assignment & Evaluation

Assign, manage and track assignment task for participants enrolled in your live session streaming.


Certificate of Completion

Depends on the creator, user can promote their course by giving certification of completion, as for now the certificate will be issued by the creator itself.


Access Course Material

Depends on the creator, level of access is different since some courses have to be paid.


Course Creation

Course creation can be done by anybody with paid account however every courses need to be approve by runmeet admin.


Meet without fear of intrusion with an additional layer of security by using one-time access codes and meeting lock.


Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

Data security is of utmost importance to us – all our traffic is done over Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) a cryptographic protocols designed to provide communications security.


Top-Grade Secured Storage

Your data is securely transferred and stored within our server based in Singapore, USA, and German. We secure your file transfers and storage with 256-bit AES encryption over SSL

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